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Editorial. Ellen McCarthy  
Posted on Jan 10th, 2016
To date, Massage (in the US) is closely connected to spaces that have largely been 'female only' for years. 

    This is changing, but many massage businesses are attached to the kind of spas that also cater to the Manicure / Pedicure / Body Polish / Etc market... and because it's connected to a largely beauty market, it gets seen by men as both feminine (which is to be avoided lest one appear 'unmanly') or it is seen to be a 'women's space' into which they are an uncomfortable intruder.

     But although that maybe true, today men know what a massage feels like, men have felt them before. So although historically although massages were regarded as something for women...
Now, that's changing. More and more chain massage businesses are creating a culture that is middle class accessible that's centered around massage as a single service for relaxation, health, and wellness. It's becoming more connected to physical therapy and chiropractic care. This takes it out of the "beauty and pampering" realm, and into realms that are more male accessible.

    So men you can feel like a man and go and get a massage and at the same time learn some really valuable lessons about how women experience the world. No it will not give you the joy of the wind wistleing through your legs or having boobs but there are some sensations that will help you experience what it feels like to be.....FRUSTRATED WITH YOU , YES YOU, BEING A MAN

*Now you can either ask to feel each of these or if you’ve felt them before you can think back and reflect on them, try to visualize and feel the experience for best results.... 

Start with understanding that women are satisfied with you when they experience a good massage, and sometimes it might be hard to grasp why they discontinue the massages that you give her...  

Well here is a chance to understand once and for all. 

Ever had a massage that hurt?
Now ask yourself what if it continued to hurt would you want to continue?

Ever had a massage you couldn’t feel?
What if you continued to not feel sensation would you want to continue?

Ever had a spot that you needed worked bad?
What if they refused to work the kink out would you want to continue?

Ever needed some time to relax into a massage and for it to feel good?  

What if as soon as the massage started to soothe your muscles it was over? 

Now think about that.

Does it change how you view being a masseuse, the one performing the massage on her?

Does it make you want to be a better masseuse?

Well here is a free guide on it that you can sign up for now

" A good masseuse can read the body of the person they are massaging and can choose a massage style that fits that person’s body.

Trying various rhythms until you rest on one perfect for them, trying various pressures until their body responds positivly, you will see them submit to you and relax under your massage."

Montique Stephon  
Its important to have a range in styles and techniques because people are different. Not everyone will want the same massage technique and if you posses only one they will likely not want you to massage them any more. 

Consistently learning and perfecting massage techniques because when they change (as they inevitably will) it should be fine, better yet fun as you go to your library of massages to find which ones fit her now, today!

I urge you to let yourself feel what a bad massage is so you can relate to what she feels when you are getting massaged for pleasure and things take a turn for the worse when in the persuit of satisfaction.

Don’t worry massage is also becoming less expensive. Massage has always been enjoyed by men in upper levels of society, but it hasn't been out there nearly as much for the 'working man' in years past. With the reduced cost, it's becoming something that more men have experience with, which demystifies the whole process and again, removes some of the "beauty and pampering" stigma.

So don’t worry no one will tease you and we promise being able to relate to her experience under your massage will make all the difference.

Now that you understand the frustrations women endure when being massaged you may have an interest in developing your massage styles. 

You may want to add some extra massage techniques to your knowledge base to ensure you give the best massages that you can and that you are making your massages as pleasurable as they can be.

Get a complimentary bodytype analysis so we can suggest a starting point. And please tell a woman you understand, we LOVE that.

Zenity Staff Writer

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