Attention Guys: Ever Wish You Could Change Your Size At Will?

BUT NOT FOR THE REASON YOU THINK! Why You Should Want Her To Be Honest About Which Size  Gave Her The Best Sex!
Posted on April 16th, 2015
This is a gift for guys like myself. For guys who love to satisfy women.
This is for guys who love to see a look of appreciation that smirk that says you went above and beyond my expectations. Discover Size Syncing Now
There are a few of us who have experienced a woman humbled by how you make her feel. There are those of us who have see the expression that comes with a gasp of surprise and awe when you make feel exactly what she wanted. A gasp of disbelief that you read her mind as well as her body.
The only reason we all haven't felt this is that we can't deal with a reality.
Every woman will have a preference.
  • What if she expects a certain lengh
  • What is she expects a certain girth
  • What if she likes a certain curve or cut?
What if she is expecting those things and you don't have them?
  • Do you lie and say you do?
  • Do you admit that you dont?
  • Do you do nothing?
No, you don't change course you do exactly what you intended to:
you win, you succeed
By understanding that in reality the sizes and shapes really reflect things she wants to feel.
When women discuss the types of penies thy like its their way of communicating the ways in which she enjoys her vagina being stimulated.
Often they don't have the words to describe the ways that those shapes and sizes massaged her vaginal walls so she will simply say she likes the kind of penis that made her feel that way.
This is how she develops a preference and why she might say that she
needs a certain size or shape. She doesnt know that in reality she likes how it massaged her vaginal walls and that the way that it massaged her can be replicated by a person with a completely different shape or size.
Yes each and every length, girth or curve has a massage it gives to a woman`s walls when inside of her and each of those massages can be replicated.
Now that you have this gift of knowing everything is different. When you hear her preference you no longer feel that cold drop in your stomach or that tight
knot in your throat because you fear you won't measure up.
Instead you know what she wants and instead of being worried you are all the more confidente because you understand that you possess the thrusts you need to give her just that.
You strategize instead of criticize, you plan instead of worry, sure it used to bother you but now you don't flinch, you dont look worried, and she can tell you are just sexy as if not more alluring to her.
And when it happens, when you complete the circle, serving exactly what she needed to feel you will watch her exhale, you will watch her melt and smile a tearholding to the corner of her eye.  
There is no better feeling in the entire world.
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