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A High Five With A Vagina
Editorial. Montique Stephon 
Posted on April 16th, 2015
Do You Know That There Is A Way To Know She Is Enjoying It and Isn’t Faking?
Question: Do you think when she makes noise they like it?
Ok well, next question,
Question 2: Do you know that 80% of women fake it? Yes?
Do You Know Why ?
Do You Want To Know Why?

Its because they can’t feel you and they think something is wrong with them.

But its not their fault, its really our fault.
We dont know how to check if they are building toward orgasm, we dont know how to check if it feels good to them.
but they will blame you for not knowing.
Question 3: Would you like to know how to check? Yes?
Its all about having a diverse array of Strokes (sexual thrusts),
how many thrust styles do you have?
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A stroke is an artistic way of moving in and out of a woman. Stroking is an art. It’s power lies in spontaneity, different levels of speed, various depths, and most importantly, rhythm. A good stroke is spontaneous because it will keep the woman guessing.

Use certain strokes to circle her many points that bring her pleasure, choose others to push them and provide a crescendo of moans, splashes, hugs and appreciation.

The way that you move into and out of a woman is the key to understanding what feels good to her.
 See, in the movies they just thrust continuously and because those movie guys are our Idols so we do what they do............ 
makes sense.

Well, now you’ll find out that the normal way of thrusting many of us do is actually very boring for our partner, and one of the main reasons why we come too fast.

The continuous in and out motion of thrusting is a problem.
1. It puts too much stimulation on the tip of our penis. The tip of our penis is our most sensitive spot and too much stimulation here causes us to ejaculate faster.
2. Our partner doesn’t receive much pleasure from just in and out thrusting, we don’t really hit her G-spot and her clitoris usually doesn’t get rubbed by our in and out motion.
But what about the check right? What does this have to do with her feeling us or not? You promised you would show how to check if she likes it...what does that have to do with all this?
Answer : I said that it was about your thrust and it is...
The Key Is To Thrust In Then To Pause And Wait For A Contraction. Wait For Her To Grip You. 
She can’t fake that if she grips you and holds you after your stroke her body is  responsive and liking your thrusts, if it doesn’t happen, you need a new Stroke. 

Chances are you only have one stroke right now...
The in and out thrust we do is also VERY predictable, so she doesn’t anticipate what we’ll do next. It doesn’t excite her as much as it use to, because now she knows what will happen. Over time it stops being able to stimulate her and she
shuts down and begins the faking routine.
You just need to know how to perform them and what they do.
Here are a few great ones you can start with
Remember, if we expect different results from doing the same thing over and over, we are insane.

 We need to do something different to get different results.
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