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The Secret To What Women Need To Feel It Deeper, Harder or Faster To Climax 
Posted on May, 5th, 2015
Question:  What does it mean to be deep? 

Question:    What does it mean for her to FEEL you inside?

Question:   What is it that triggers her orgasm?

                         What if I told you they all have the same answer.

The answer to all three questions is : The Way You Engage Her Vaginal Walls.

Women feel everything through the way that you massage the walls inside of her vagina. The method you use to do that massage her walls gives her the feeling 

Feeling You are Deep  

Feeling You are Thick

Feeling You are Stretching Her


Can she see it?
Is her womb translucent? 
Does she have eyes in her vagina?


So the key to making any woman orgasm is simple...
Just massage her walls the way she needs!

She says Deeper : Give her the massage for that
She says Harder: : You have the perfect massage for that sensation
She says Faster :   She is looking for a sensation that you can give her

Getting the internal vaginal massages (what we call strokes) is simple. You can get them from us.We will show you what they do and how to do them, and give demonstrations on women. You just use them... 

You just need to know what kind of vagina she has...take this test.

Why is that important?

have you ever been with a woman and pushed all the way into her and have tried to hit the back of her vagina? If you are like most guys you do this after a couple minutes of sex...

It is also where we mess it all up before we even started.  The problem that can occur is that women, their vaginas actually expand during sex, their vaginas expand in a way that is going to not allow you to touch the back anymore. 

This is why how come after you go deep into  a woman a certain amount of time, it feels different because its’ changed inside it has opened and lengthened. So the spot that you were hitting that was there that you probably could have hit to make her orgasm is now not in your reach. 

That means NO orgasm and a very frustrated, angry woman.

The way to prevent this happening is by knowing how to  look at her vagina and
tell the right strategy to use.

Which style of vagina does she have? Use this test (warning graphic)

Montique Stephon
Guest Writer
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